Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Holland

Adventure status: failed! I had a very nice walk into Oss' city centre, although I pretty soon found my way on a route I hadn't taken before. But it's okay, I got there and back with no problems, I just didn't wander too aimlessly in town as I knew that would hamper my ability to find my way back. I'd added exchanging my Australian dollars for euros to my list of things to do, and figured that was the most important, and set about doing it first. I failed dismally, and that kind of put a dampener on the other activities. I only found one bank - and, thankfully, it was ING, a brand I know from Australia - and, after being greeted by disorienting Dutch, it turned out that the woman did speak English, but they wouldn't change my money unless I had an account with them. Damn.

So I wandered around, and couldn't find a bookshop. There were several cafes and bars, but no one was drinking coffee. I'm sure I could have walked in and tried my best - the word for "coffee" is "koffie", after all - but what do they call cappucinos and lattes? I know that my normal choice, flat white, is rather unique to the Australian market. So, unusually shy and disheartened, I walked home in the Dutch heat listening to German rock. Maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow in Amsterdam when we go there to see CocoRosie.

Now, I'm off on an adventure that will be much easier: I'm catching a train to another city to meet Koen after work. But he's written everything down for me - including how to get to the station and how to select a return ticket and such in Dutch - so there's no chance of me screwing this up.


  1. Have you tried just withdrawing money out of the ATM? My ozzie card is one of those crappy 'maestro' things, but it worked when I used a money machine in Rome. Just bang in the card and keep punching in your pin until it submits.

  2. I'm with MC - I used my Visa debit card in the ATMs in London. Much easier.

    I got shy in Paris because it was the first time I'd been by myself in a non-English speaking country and I didn't really know what I was doing/couldn't really talk to anyone. It feels weird. I've been assured it's something you get used to.

  3. Hi Liam, mate I am so proud and envious that you've taken on this
    adventure. Love the blog thing. With regards to the money
    thing, give the busking thing a go and pay with cash!!

  4. also Liam how do I follow your blog from my blog? I don't understand blogspot yet so please excuse.