Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Europa Endlos







I can't believe I'm finally doing it. Sure, nearly every middle class white person like myself gets a chance to go travelling around Europe - it's become such a cliche - and yet I'm so excited to be doing it myself. For the moment, I'm just using this blog to keep track of the other blogs I've begun reading recently - mainly expatriate Indonesians and Americans living in Denmark and Sweden - but presuming I have the time, I'll be blogging my adventures once I arrive in Europe in August. I suppose I could blog about packing up my life and such, although I doubt that will be very exciting. I don't expect to uncover any long-forgotten secrets as I clear out my cupboards.

I'll be starting off in Holland, where two of my best friends are living. From there, I plan to travel around Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and France before arriving in London to live and work for a couple of years.